Anizza Sotero (also known as Ani Portrait) was born in South Cotabato, Philippines in 1994. Stick branches and sand was her medium from childhood. Her interest in drawing became visible at the age of 4. Then, at the age of 7, her family decided to transfer in Davao City, Philippines for good.

Her interest & passion in drawing grew deeper, more emotional and more certain.

She always dreamed of delivering her Artworks to different parts of the world. She started concentrating on her career as a Portrait Drawing Artist year 2012 by accepting portrait drawing orders from her schoolmates in college. Then after she graduated year 2015, she continued to build that dream:
‘Becoming an international selling portrait drawing artist.’

She believe that humans are naturally attached to artworks, specially with Portrait Drawing. (Imagine the emotions they bring to a person is unfathomable).

The idea she wants to convey when presenting her services to people is that Portrait Drawing is more than just a kind of artwork. Drawing their faces in detail, imagining the hours took by the artist and the energy in measuring their facial anatomy is what it makes more unique.

Among all other kinds of subjects, “Human” is the best and relatable. The memories behind those smiles, the gesture and eyes will make it more visible and memorable in Portrait Drawing.

From sticks and sand, she is continuing to master Charcoal and Pencil Pastel.

By the grace of GOD, she was able to gain respectful client reviews from: Australia, London (UK), United States, Vienna Austria, Philippines and more.